Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm on a boat!

Last weekend we made the most of the glorious weather and went out boating!

I've never been in a rowing boat in my life and it was a bit wobbly but once we set off it was great fun! 

The boys got a bit competitive but rowing in a straight line is harder than it looks. I had a quick go, but we were running a bit late returning the boats the the hire place (and I somehow kept rowing us into the side) so I handed the oars back over and enjoyed the ride.

We even got to see some wildlife - a beautiful dragonfly followed alongside our boat (but never stayed still long enough for a photo) and we said hello to some ducklings, too.

Afterwards we enjoyed a tasty lunch at Chiquitos (I love that place!) - complete with sombreros!

I need to find out the recipe for their spicy popcorn!

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