Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday sunshine

Today is a gorgeous day. The sun is pouring through my window onto my smooth new duvet cover and I’m basking in the sun, with a fresh almost-summery breeze brushing my cheek.

To mark the sunny weather (after a bout of snow, ice, and grey-ness) I’m going to post a picture of (said) sun shining through (said) window, and look through my lovely internet purchases which finally arrived yesterday!

Hello sun, I hope you decide to stay.

Amelia xx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

When will it arrive??: Internet shopping excitement!

I've been on a bit of a virtual spree over the last few days. Mainly because the weather has been too depressing to venture into the actual shops, and online shopping is way too easy for its own good! I might have got slightly carried away though and visited quite a few different virtual stores. I tried to be strict with myself and, in some of the shops, managed to keep my virtual basket empty! (slightly proud!)

So in the end, I’m just waiting for deliveries from ASOS, Amazon/Sleek make-up, and The Body Shop. Not bad for a couple of evenings browsing!

But now there’s the added anticipation of it arriving, the excitement checking behind the door every time I arrive home, the eager anticipation of a brown parcel or a plastic package…

My letterbox and doormat are looking decidedly empty…
When I finally receive my shopping, it’ll definitely beat all the bills and junk mail I get… and it’s a great way to stave off the January blues.

I just wanted to share my excitement… Fingers crossed it will all arrive soon!

Amelia xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Just to say hello

I’m sitting here in my boyfriend’s sweatpants and my old university hoody, feeling pretty rubbish and looking rather ridiculous in my oversized clothes. The weather’s been a bit naff, work has been busy and I’m pretty sure I'm starting to come down with something. But enough of my moaning, I'll get to the point of this post!

I like to cheer myself up by sending some snail mail. I like to imagine the receiver (is that the right word?) seeing it come through the letterbox, wondering who it’s from, and I like to share in that imaginary excitement. Does that make me weird? I think it might.

…But anyway! To distract myself from my aches and pains, I decided to write to an old friend that I haven’t seen for a good while. I've got a lovely little card which I had squirreled away for an opportune moment and decided it would be perfect for this little note.

It’s a cute little card from Marks and Spencer with little 3D bits and a sparkly gem in the middle (I love a good bit of sparkle). And what I (also) really love is that it gets straight to the point, with a large ‘HELLO!’ inside. No messing about there!

I really love the cards from M&S, because they make it very easy to send them. From the self-adhesive envelope flap (no licking and sticking, no peeling adhesive strips off, and generally no getting in a pickle), to the ingenious symbol on the back, telling you how much postage you’ll need, it’s very well designed for the end user. Plus they've got some really good looking designs and the prices aren't too bad either.

Here’s the back of the card: the envelope symbol shows that it counts as a letter for postage in the UK! Genius.
The card (now written and all sealed and addressed) is now sitting on the side, waiting for me to take it to the post box. I might wait for the weather to become a bit friendlier before I venture out!

I’m looking forward to posting it though, and I hope my friend enjoys it!

Amelia xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Why not send a chunk of cake through the post?

Imagine how excitedyou’d be seeing this coming through your letterbox… Imagine the look on thedelivery person’s face!

These genius slices of fake cake are actually postcards,designed to be sent through the mail! Made from polymers (I think), paintand card, these cakes look just like the real thing at first glance.

TangBaby over on Etsy sells thesepostcards for around £10-£12 with free delivery to the US (overseas would add adelivery charge). She started selling them in 2009 and they became so popularshe’s had to ration the fake cake goodness.

And what’s more,they’re also available in gold! (Definitely bonus points in my book.) What’snot to love?

Amelia xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A blank canvas

Hi, (I feel like I should introduce myself) I'm Amelia. I've started this blog as a sort of project book, a place to keep my inspiration, my projects, my ramblings - and to encourage me to finish my projects once I start them, as I seem to get easily distracted...

I've been meaning to set this up for a while and, after moving house, starting a new job and settling into my new life I've finally got round to it.

I'm not sure yet how often I'm going to post or exactly what I'm going to post about, but I'm excited to see how it will take shape. Here is a list of some of my interests/hobbies/obsessions, so I guess this will be mostly what I'm posting about:

  • I love making things;
  • I also like baking things (hehe I know baking is technically making, but I love that it rhymes... simple things :)...);
  • I really like sending things through the post to friends and family (this is where the name Happy Postbox came from... I love that feeling of getting mail, and I love cheering people up by sending them things);
  • I quite like shopping, nail varnish and make-up (although it feels weird to write that down as I always used to be such a tomboy!);
  • I also really like learning new things, so I might document a few of my learning pursuits as I go along;
  • And finally I tend to get random obsessions out of nowhere (a few months ago its was Konad nail art stamping, and before that it was Tim Holtz distress ink), so really it could be anything... how exciting!

So that's me, and I'm going to see how it goes, see which bits I enjoy the most and take it from there I suppose. And at least my blank canvas is slightly less blank now :).