Friday, 18 January 2013

Why not send a chunk of cake through the post?

Imagine how excitedyou’d be seeing this coming through your letterbox… Imagine the look on thedelivery person’s face!

These genius slices of fake cake are actually postcards,designed to be sent through the mail! Made from polymers (I think), paintand card, these cakes look just like the real thing at first glance.

TangBaby over on Etsy sells thesepostcards for around £10-£12 with free delivery to the US (overseas would add adelivery charge). She started selling them in 2009 and they became so popularshe’s had to ration the fake cake goodness.

And what’s more,they’re also available in gold! (Definitely bonus points in my book.) What’snot to love?

Amelia xx

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