Monday, 21 January 2013

Just to say hello

I’m sitting here in my boyfriend’s sweatpants and my old university hoody, feeling pretty rubbish and looking rather ridiculous in my oversized clothes. The weather’s been a bit naff, work has been busy and I’m pretty sure I'm starting to come down with something. But enough of my moaning, I'll get to the point of this post!

I like to cheer myself up by sending some snail mail. I like to imagine the receiver (is that the right word?) seeing it come through the letterbox, wondering who it’s from, and I like to share in that imaginary excitement. Does that make me weird? I think it might.

…But anyway! To distract myself from my aches and pains, I decided to write to an old friend that I haven’t seen for a good while. I've got a lovely little card which I had squirreled away for an opportune moment and decided it would be perfect for this little note.

It’s a cute little card from Marks and Spencer with little 3D bits and a sparkly gem in the middle (I love a good bit of sparkle). And what I (also) really love is that it gets straight to the point, with a large ‘HELLO!’ inside. No messing about there!

I really love the cards from M&S, because they make it very easy to send them. From the self-adhesive envelope flap (no licking and sticking, no peeling adhesive strips off, and generally no getting in a pickle), to the ingenious symbol on the back, telling you how much postage you’ll need, it’s very well designed for the end user. Plus they've got some really good looking designs and the prices aren't too bad either.

Here’s the back of the card: the envelope symbol shows that it counts as a letter for postage in the UK! Genius.
The card (now written and all sealed and addressed) is now sitting on the side, waiting for me to take it to the post box. I might wait for the weather to become a bit friendlier before I venture out!

I’m looking forward to posting it though, and I hope my friend enjoys it!

Amelia xx

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