Friday, 1 February 2013

Things I've done today while waiting for an IKEA delivery...

We've ordered some new furniture for our spare room and I'm really excited because this means I'm finally getting a crafting station!

So I've sacrificed a day of annual leave to sit at home and hold a vigil until the very important lorry-of-IKEA-goodness arrives.

And I'm bored out of my skull.

Things I've done today while waiting for the delivery:

  • Made 4 cups of tea
  • Drank 3.5 cups of tea
  • Done 2 loads of washing up
  • Completed 3 levels of Lego Harry Potter to 100%
  • Put 1 load of washing into the washing machine
  • Given my hair a trim
  • Eaten 1 packet of Worcestershire sauce crisps
  • Given myself a full face of make up
  • Tried out my new mascara
  • Caught up with The New Normal
  • Installed a ton of updates on my laptop
  • Cleared a pathway through the house to the spare room
And now I'm sitting on the sofa staring out the window, willing the truck to arrive.
I may have also done the one thing everyone does when they're bored (admit it, you know you have too) - taken a load of photos of myself on my iPad pulling different faces...

On a side note, I'm quite impressed by the IKEA delivery system - I got a call around half 9 saying they'd be here in about an hour and it was great to have a bit of notice. They arrived at about 10.45 and carried all the boxes up to the spare room for me. Dead pleased!

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